Tank Solutions

WA Fuel Supplied Tanks

WA Fuel Supplies is a leading supplier of Self bunded fuel tanks across the Australian market. Self Bunded Fuel tanks include secondary tank wall that provides a safe and effective containment of fuel and related products

We supply, deliver to, and operate hundreds of tanks around the state, therefore we draw on a wealth of knowledge to best design our tank solutions with the customer in mind. Whether it be a single hose and pump setup right up to fully automated fuel tank farm solutions we truly are a one stop shop for all fuel storage requirements.

We also supply and recommend a variety of Fuel Management Systems. Our systems enable real time transfer of all site transactions and tank contents to a cloud based website’s able to be accessed from any location.

Our self bunded tanks range from 1,000l to 110,000l and our self bunded trailers range from 1200L to 3000L. To discuss your needs please contact us today 08 9468 7338

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