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WA Fuel recommends and uses Mobil Lubricants.

With Mobil’s reputation for quality and world-class technology, you can be assured your vehicles and machinery will be looked after. Plus, with WA Fuel working with you, so will your pocket.

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Why we choose Mobil Lubricants

Mobil is all about precision engineering. Mobil Lubricants are designed to deliver superior engine cleanliness while minimising friction and dissipating heat. By using a trusted and reliable brand like Mobil, you’ll reduce wear and tear on your engine, which minimises the risk of breakdowns and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Mobil Lubricants are also well regarded for their resilience in extreme operating conditions. Wherever you’re travelling across Australia, using Mobil Lubricants will help keep your engine stable and reliable.

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Find the recommended Mobil Lubricant for your vehicle or machinery

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the perfect Mobil Oil lubricant for your vehicle or machinery is vital for optimal performance. If you don’t have your vehicle’s manual or machinery specifications on hand, use the link below to identify the recommended viscosity grade and performance requirements. 

Find the recommended Mobil Lubricant for your vehicle or machinery

The frequency of an oil change will depend on factors like driving conditions, your vehicle’s age and condition, and the type of lubricant used. Generally, it is recommended to change your oil every 5000 to 12,000 kilometres for conventional oils and up to 24,000 kilometres for synthetic oils. Follow the guidelines in the vehicle/machinery manual for more accurate intervals.

Mobil Lubricants are designed to meet industry standards and regulations for reduced emissions and eco-friendly operation. Advanced lubricant technology in some products contributes to lower fuel consumption and decreased emissions, making them a greener choice. Mobil Lubricants’ dedication to sustainability extends to reducing environmental impacts while maintaining quality performance.

Conventional engine oil is derived from crude oil, while synthetic engine oil is specially engineered using advanced chemical processes. Synthetic oil offers superior performance and protection in extreme conditions, maintaining consistent viscosity and better engine cleanliness. It flows more smoothly at low temperatures, reducing engine wear during start-ups. Synthetic oil’s durability and resistance to breakdown make it ideal for modern high-performance engines, though conventional oil remains suitable for many standard applications.

It is generally not recommended to mix different types of engine oil. Mixing oils with varying viscosities or formulations can compromise lubrication and reduce the benefits of high-performance oils. Stick to using one type of engine oil consistently. If you need to switch from one type to another, ensure that you thoroughly drain the old oil and add the new lubricant appropriate for your vehicle or machinery to maintain optimal performance and protection.