ULS Diesel Price As at 21 May 2024 WA 176.11 & VIC 180.20

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We own and operate a large fleet of fuel trucks that specialise in delivering bulk fuel across Western Australia and Victoria. It doesn’t matter how remote your location is, WA Fuel will come to you. We recognise the critical role fuel plays in maintaining your business operations and we are committed to supplying the quality and quantity of bulk fuel your business requires – safely and on time.

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Benefits of Bulk Fuel from WA Fuel

Using WA Fuel for your bulk fuel supplies comes with a range of benefits.

Competitive Pricing

To get the best fuel price, you need to choose a supplier with the lowest overheads and best logistics, without any compromise to quality and safety. This is where WA Fuel comes out on top. With one of the largest owned specialised haulage fleets, WA Fuel can deliver the volumes you require. Leveraging off our ability to deliver on economies of scale, WA Fuel will guarantee cost-effective pricing to your sites.

Quality Service

We know that getting fuel delivered fast is essential. With a fleet of over 20 trucks travelling across the state we can get fuel to you when you need it most. If you need fuel on demand, we can also arrange and install a fuel tank on your site. We’ll do everything we can to keep your business moving.

Quick Credit Approval

We don’t make you jump through hoops when setting up an account. Credit approvals are fast and simple. With WA Fuel, your account is managed by a team who understands your industry, your location and the urgency of your request. We’re not just a fuel distributor, we are a partner to assist your business in any way possible.

Bulk Fuel for all Equipment

At WA Fuel we can deliver Diesel, Unleaded 91, Premium 95 and Premium 98. Whether you need bulk fuel for your mine or construction site equipment, a fleet of vehicles, trucks or generators, WA Fuel can supply what you need when you need it.

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Yes. To get the best value from your fuel purchase you need to consider the transport costs associated with that fuel. By ordering the largest amount of fuel your tank can hold, you’re cutting down the number of trips and distance our trucks need to travel.

If you’re about to install a storage tank, it’s crucial that you assess your average fuel consumption and match the storage tank to suit. This will allow you to maximise the quantity of fuel delivered and benefit from the economies of scale associated with bulk fuel deliveries.

Our minimum order of fuel is 100L. However, we are happy to top up our client’s tanks with a smaller amount in the case of an emergency. As WA Fuel has the largest fleet of triple road trains, we have the capacity to deliver large amounts to any location. Talk to our team to find out the most cost-effective solution for your business.

We have strong relationships with leading terminal operators across Australia. While the wholesale price can fluctuate daily, we have found that purchasing fuel from our trusted sources and transporting it across the state is the most cost-effective solution for our customers.

If you want to keep a steady supply of fuel on-site, it’s best to install a self-bunded fuel tank. As a leading supplier of fuel and fuel tanks, WA Fuel can recommend the best solution for your business. We can set up your tank with a hose and pump or make it fully automated. Tank sizes range from 1000L to 110,000L. Contact our team to find out more about fuel storage.

All WA Fuel tanks are fitted with the latest Fuel Management System (FMS) technology that allows you to electronically measure, track and monitor your fuel usage. You’ll be able to access real-time data, while also receiving regular reports. Our FMS technology not only saves you valuable time and money, it also adds an extra layer of security giving you precise data on when and how much fuel is being used.