ULS Diesel Price As at 20 June 2024 WA 175.56 & VIC 179.73

Industries We Service

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Industry Sectors Serviced


Multiple industry sectors across our state rely on WA Fuel to keep their wheels turning and operations thriving. We are committed to supplying every industry, regardless of size, with a constant supply of quality fuels.

The sectors that rely on WA Fuel include:

At WA Fuel, we are not just a provider, we are a partner to industries across WA and Victoria, ensuring that when you need fuel, we deliver.

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At WA Fuel, we understand the critical role fuel plays in the mining sector. Our bulk fuel services ensure our clients receive a seamless supply of diesel fuel to keep their sites running. We work with many ASX listed and private mining companies servicing multiple sites across WA. Our commitment to our clients means ‘you’ll never run out of fuel’.

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WA Fuel provides an innovative service to the Agriculture industry with a range of bulk fuel solutions. We know farmers and agricultural businesses often operate in remote locations and are cyclical in their peak demands for diesel. WA Fuel has the scheduling expertise and logistics to ensure your fuel requirements are always met.


Construction projects rely on WA Fuel to keep their machinery and generators running. As a trusted partner to the construction industry, WA Fuel provides a variety of options to keep projects on track and on budget.

WA Fuel tanker
WA Fuel tanker


Whether you have one truck or a fleet of transport vehicles, you can rely on WA Fuel to keep you moving. The transport industry is described by many as the backbone of the Australian economy and WA Fuel ensures everyone in the industry has access to quality fuel 24/7.

Oil & Gas

Boasting several high-profile ASX listed companies, WA Fuel understands that this sector operates around the clock and needs a supplier that can meet their needs. Delivering to established plants, exploration rigs and supporting supply bases, WA Fuel offers flexible solutions for meeting site demands.

WA Fuel tanker
WA Fuel tanker

Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks

WA Fuel offers professional installation of self-bunded fuel tanks across Australia. As a leading supplier of fuel tanks, we place a strict focus on safety, environmental compliance and operational efficiency. WA Fuel can assist our clients with their Dangerous Goods Licensing requirements. 

All our self-bunded tanks are designed to prevent fuel leaks and spills, enhancing workplace safety and mitigating environmental spill risk. WA Fuel builds tanks to meet the specific needs of each client. We offer custom tank solutions from standard single light vehicle hose tanks right through to fully automated systems that include high flow and fast fill options, all managed with the installation of the latest Smartfill Fuel Management technology.

Fuel Delivered on Demand

We understand downtime affects the bottom line. Our fuel supply commitment ensures you have the fuel you need when you need it. Whatever your location across the state, we can get fuel delivered to you.

Remember, whether you need 100 litres or 100,000 litres, WA Fuel is here to support you and your operations by taking the hassle out of fuel supply

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